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Sonia Kazarov

Grammy Nominated Artist 2020


Welcome to the touchstone for all things Sonia Kazarov.  Join Ms Kazarov on her musical journey of self-discovery and professional development. This page and portfolio showcases the creativity, innovation, unique collaborative mission that drive her.  Sonia continues to expand her capacity to express and communicate the human experience. Browse her latest projects, upcoming performances, and discover more about her innovative vision though use of traditional Bel Canto technique.



2020 our global consciousness amid a pandemic has been a call to action for artist worldwide and that call to action has gripped Kazarov in her California studio.  Sonia has taken this unique opportunity to compose and record new works. IT has provided a unique opportunity to prepare for an opera album. Expected to record in September 2020, Kazarov looks forward to returning to the stage as soon as orchestras are allowed to come together again.  Primarily focusing on Baroque and Bel Canto Aria with a few Mozart selections from recent roles. Finishing work on the collaboration album known as Corazon due out in September 2020

2019- has been a time of creative expression and expansion.  Beginning with  Miss Kazarov's passion to combine classical and modern art forms.  She created 'AIRCRAFT', a unique expression of passion through opera, orchestra, dancers and acrobats.  AIRCRAFT was designed to showcase how we can 'craft' the air with our voices, bodies and instruments. Sonia performed classical aria with orchestra and pianoforte, together with the use of dancers, live sculpting, aerialists, contortionists, and visual art forms as ancient and diverse as Taiko drumming.  Sonia began in 2018 to showcase classical opera works with these additions in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Macau, and Los Angeles, where the show was selected to launch at the unveiling of the 2019 Mercedes McLaren in Beverly Hills!  The success of the show spurred this desire to collaborate and to bring opera to a much wider audience. 

  Aircraft inspired further exploration and collaboration. 

In the spring of 2019 Kazarov was invited by producers Malte Hagemeister and Kristian Nord along with legendary conductor Maestro P.C. Nackt, architecht of The String Theory, out of Berlin and Sweden to participate in THE STRING THEORY LA.  Kazarov contributed composition and motifs as well as vocal performance in a week-long musical think tank/performance /live recording experiment of epic proportions.  This collaboration of cross cultural, genre bending and blending, from around the globe was pure joy!  The resultant album 'Sekou Andrews and The String Theory' has resulted in a Grammy Nomination for 2020. 

As a performer and classically trained opera singer these kinds of collaborations are closely aligned with Sonia's true purpose and passion.  The importance of connecting with fellow musicians in a collaborative way allowing for greater expression and understanding of our shared experience.  Throughout this past year she has had contributed to and performed in a unique philanthropic collaboration with' A Call 2Peace Foundation'.  Comprised of celebrated musicians of divergent genres.  The group offers a platform of concerts to support and raise funds for causes including human rights, racial, gender, medical and educational equality, animal rights, sustainability, and climate change awareness and peaceful expression. 2019-2020 The culminations of this collaboration is a Album die out in Sept 2020 Corazon for which Sonia wrote and performed the title track.


Dec 2019

Poised for a new music movement -  exceptionally arranged works of opera, pop, standards, combined with Brazilian and Afro-poly-rhythms, flamenco guitar, Celtic violin, and world music. 

Kazarov expands her musical world view to work alongside some of the most iconic musicians of today.  Blending Classical, poly-rhythms, Afro-beats, Celtic violin, flamenco and classical guitar along with the work of Atlys Quartet- the world's preeminent crossover sound is upon us. 

proceeds to benefit:

A Call 2Peace 

The Climate Music Project

"Moving hearts and minds to the scientific realities of climate change through music " - New York Times 


Sonia Kazarov- 2020 Grammy Nominated Dramatic Coloratura Soprano

Scarlet Rivera - Icon and violinist of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review

Eduardo Del Signore -2020 Grammy Nominated bassist and percussion arranger of Milton Nacimento, Dionne Warwick, Jon Anderson (Yes!)

Federico Ramos- Guitarist of the oscar award winning film 'COCO'

Ron Wagner- Percussionist of Cirque, Chick Correa and more 

Jed Smith- Composer and ancient music specialist

"Atlys" - Quartet of ground breaking musicians

Genevieve Tabby - Cello

Rita Andrade - Viola

Jinty McTavish - Violin

Sabrina Tabby - Violin

Atlys Quartet- the world's preeminent crossover sound is upon us. 

Proceeds to benefit:

A Call 2Peace 

Armory of Harmony

November 2019

Eli & Edythe Broad Stage

Donna Elvira - Don Giovanni  W.A. Mozart Eli & Edythe Broad Stage Artistic Director Placido Domingo

Music Department Head Dr. Janelle JDeStefano

Musical Director Mercedes Juan Mussotto


A Call 2 Peace Ensemble Collaboration -6 performances - CIOP


Nella -Gianni Schicchi -Puccini  - Eli & Edythe Broad Stage, Santa Monica

Violetta Valéry - La Traviata - Verdi 

AIRCRAFT - 2019 Unveiling of Mercedes McLaren - Beverly Hills, CA

AIRCRAFT - Hong Kong Sept -October 2018
AIRCRAFT - Tokyo October 1-3 2018


Spring and Summer  2017 schedule:

Shade Hotel 

May 10th Bergamot Station Opera & Art Featuring

Soprano Sonia Kazarov arias with piano Mozart and Puccini

September 2017 Concorso Caballé - Zaragoza, SPAIN

October Huntington Library  Opera Under the Stars

Baroque and Classical Beauties Handel . Delibes . Mozart . Verdi

November 2017

December 2017

Soprano Soloist Requiem, Ode to Joy, Ave Maria, O Holy Night 

As an exploration of baroque ornamentation Kazarov has added to her repertoire for upcoming performances; Handel, Mozart, Delibes, and Bellini in a fresh perspective for Bel Canto and Baroque music.  " Kazarov's interpretations are personal and passionate, flowering with with each lovingly crafted phrase."- Heraldo de Aragón - Zaragoza, Spain


Sonia Kazarov currently studying under the baton of Maestro Douglas Sumi, Los Angeles Opera, Metropolitan Opera and current Co-Chair of Voice at Boston University.  Sonia is honored to have sung for and under the teaching of Maestra and celebrated Diva Montserrat Caballé prior to her passing in October of 2018 as a participant performer in her world renowned competition and masterclasses.

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Sonia Kazarov is a conduit of that power. With a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike.  Sonia Kazarov has always found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in live performance, whether it be operas, concerts, plays, and performance art collaborations.  More recently Ms. Kazarov has enjoyed working with acrobats, rap artists, modern dancers, and a great diverse group of artists who strive to draw people as a whole together through inclusive expression.  Sonia continues to grow and express her soul through music, opera, dance, and acting across all platforms, and is dedicated to pursuing her passion. Take a look around the site to get to know more about Sonia Kazarov.

About Sonia Kazarov
Latest Video Release

As Sonia Kazarov has been working to build repertoire through traditional fully staged operas, concert opera, and recitals she has opened her aperture to imagine a new creation... "AIRCRAFT" where opera meets acrobatics, live sculpture, visual and digital art.  Open your aperture and receive the wide range of possibility Ms Kazarov desires to create, share with you, and the world.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”






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