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It Ain't Over Til' The Fat Lady Sings. Or is it?

Our image of an opera singer stands firmly rooted in the largess for which many opera singers are known. I grew up worshiping these 'larger than life' divas and their male counterparts as a given. Many of us thought it was crazy to want the same kind of career - but like me we thought that we were far to stringy to attempt such a herculean task.

I, for one, love the florid immensity of sound that fills the most gargantuan of opera houses and if the figure behind it is more Rubenesque than Botticelli then so be it. If it takes a big body to provide the obstacle against which the singer can push to evoke this otherworldly sound, then what the heck is up with the modern opera singer who seems to be shrinking into those LuLuLemon ensembles? The pilates addicted, running, cycling, and fitness crazed nouveau 'phat' opera performer. Are we deluding ourselves and the sound just isn't up to snuff? Nope apparently it works, overtones, and chiaroscuro intact. So we have a fit, ripped athlete who has a core of steel and the mettle to bring forth these notes and performances. After all opera is a lot like an olympic sport.

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